Safetrench is a patent pending hybrid cable plow/trench and pipe laying system based on a registered mechanical design which enables the installation of conduit or cable in Greenfield areas which is SAFER, FASTER and ENVIRONMENTALLY responsible while at the same time provides a better Quality Finished Asset.

The inspiration for the system was Directional Drilling Australia Utilities desire to offer its clients a superior quality of installation of product with lower risk management than derived by conventional open trench installation. The mechanism was designed by Directional Drilling Australia Utilities and combined with latest technology as a systemized process which offers the following benefits.

  • Compact shorter worksite easier to control
  • Narrow operational footprint ideal tight corridor (1.8m wide)
  • No open trenches mitigates injury liability
  • No exposed moving parts
  • Forward facing operator clear visibility safer control
  • No cave-ins or collapsed trenches
  • Reduced chance of gas ingress (continuous welded conduit)
  • Concise consistent laying depth
  • Concise warning tape placement
  • Straighter pipe less friction for easy hauling
  • Accurate as build’s
  • Layered compaction process
  • Alleviates returns to site due to washout
  • Landscaped finish
  • Higher quality impact resistant finished asset
  • Low environmental impact narrow work area
  • Requires as little as 20% of soil excavation compared to conventional excavation techniques
  • Low ground pressure 4.5 PSI
  • No issues of acid sulphate soil oxidation
  • Minimum erosion due to ground disturbance.
  • Smaller operational footprint corridor 1.8m wide requires less clearing
  • Lower energy consumption

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The Overall Benefit is that of a Rapid continuous process that allows a rolling production line style work site which works particularly well in high water table areas and wetlands, the current model is efficient in ROCK to 3,000 psi over this may require pre-ripping.

Particularly appealing to project managers is the shorter period of overall project management, traffic management and exposure to liability. Our inclusion of complimenting clearing and mulching process’s and final Compaction and Landscape process (not outlined here) leave a pristine landscaped finish. Compared to the 3 most common methodology’s.

Unlike conventional ploughing systems that require mass of power, weight ,and large physical size to grip the ground and rip through the hard earth. SAFETRENCH works by loosening only the narrowest section (as little as 200mm)  working like a milling router applying HP to small area allowing the laying chute to pass without the need larger equipment .

The corridor width is therefore minimized vastly reducing the impact on the environment.

Safetrench is suitable for installing the following:

  • Direct burial Copper
  • Direct burial Optic fibre
  • Direct burial HV Power
  • Direct burial LV Power
  • Direct burial Earth Cables
  • Conduit HDPE 50-160mm
  • Oil Gas 50-160mm
  • Power 50-160mm
  • Water 50-160mm
  • Reticulation 50-160mm
  • Communications s   50-100mm up to x 4 conduits
  • Key Hole Surgery of pipe and cable installation

Allows the rapid direct burial of cable and pipe at up 500meters per hour with no open trench in a minimum.