Bore drilling in Sydney

Directional Drilling Australia provide a comprehensive range of boring services in Parramatta. From directional boring to rock drilling, stormwater easement to horizontal directional drilling, our experienced team of boring and piling contractors in Parramatta can do it all. 

Our drilling professionals are qualified, trained, and licensed. They use specialist tools and the latest machinery to deliver precise results for all types of residential, commercial and industrial boring in Parramatta. 

Specialists in Commercial Boring in Parramatta

We undertake every drilling job with complete safety. Drilling and boring in Parramatta requires expert assistance and guidance. From structural engineers to geological experts, we analyse and study every project thoroughly before starting the drilling process. Directional boring is more than just digging a large hole in the ground. You need to consider safety regulations and develop thorough engineering plans.

At Directional Drilling Australia, we take care of all the critical aspects for you. We have experience and expertise in this field. Our engineers follow all compliances and come up with the best strategies to minimise the bore drilling cost. We are among the top licensed and insured directional boring companies in Parramatta.

Why Choose Our Boring Services in Parramatta?

Are you looking for boring and piling contractors in Parramatta? We are the leading experts in this field, with several successful projects under our belt. We offer safe, reliable, and comprehensive drilling services, including directional boring, horizontal directional drilling, potholing, rock drilling, and piling in Parramatta. 

We are trusted and reliable contractors. We follow all compliances to ensure on-site safety, extensive service locating, path determination, and structured engineering to ensure precise results, complete safety, and zero casualties. 

Our drilling experts use the most advanced tools and equipment to complete projects of all sizes without any complexities. We train our crew with complete knowledge of how to use the new machinery and ensure their safety on the field. 

If you want to work with one of the top directional boring companies in Parramatta, contact us for a quote today!