The installation of utilities can be a costly process and there is no bigger challenge than rock. In Western Australia there is some of the hardest rock on the planet, this along with the summer heat can make installing a utility in ROCK a strenuous and messy process without the correct equipment.

Horizontal Directional Drilling Rock (HDRD) is a very effective way of installing a Utility as if negates the need to excavate a large volumes of a difficult materials.

HDRD is a low impact alternative to conventional excavation. In some circumstances HDRD may be the only solution. Our industry experience will bring valuable knowledge to your project and help you find a solution to your installation problem. While HDRD may not be the cheapest alternative, we offer a high value product that is sure to provide you with the most bang for your construction buck. with 20 years directional drilling knowledge, we have the experience necessary to complete your project safely and on time.

We are committed to the safe installation of underground utilities. We accomplish this while setting new standards for cleanliness, as well as avoiding costly downtime due to at-fault utility damages. Our safety record is second to none.

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