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    Does your construction project require drilling, boring, or any other groundwork? Choose our Australian directional drilling services! 

    At Directional Drilling Australia, we provide comprehensive directional drilling services throughout Sydney. We specialise in directional boring, stormwater easement, potholing excavation, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) drilling, and rock drilling. We pride ourselves in offering outstanding service, skilled and trained staff, and use high-quality equipment to achieve the best results. As one of the leading drilling companies in NSW, we also specialise in high-quality horizontal boring and underground boring in Sydney.  

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    Our Services

    Horizontal Directional Drilling specialists


    Stormwater and Sewer Easements

    installation of stormwater pipe and on grade sewer

    Non-Destructive Digging ( Potholing)

    Protect your assets with non-destructive digging

    Service Locating

    Our advance machinery will help in locating underground leaks

    Horizontal Directional Rock Drilling

    Horizontal Directional Rock Drilling ideal for hard rock utility installation
    Rock Drilling Services

    Directional Boring

    Choose Directional Drilling Australia

    looking for trusted and reliable drilling contractors in Sydney

    Reliable Directional Drilling Company – Directional Drilling Australia

    At Directional Drilling Australia, we offer high-quality, reliable and safe directional drilling and bore drilling in Sydney. Our years of experience and extensive knowledge of the construction industry allow us to complete the task on time and offer you the best drilling and boring service. Our comprehensive approach ensures timely outcomes to meet project schedules without costly delays, even while working on the most challenging ground conditions!  

    Bore drilling in Sydney

    Directional Drilling

    Our directional drilling service is super fast, cost-effective, and a safe alternative to traditional trenching and excavating. If you are looking to install underground services without trenching, then consider directional drilling.

    Horizontal Boring

    Directional Drilling Australia is well versed with horizontal boring. We have an extensive range of equipment and advanced processes that allow us to work in areas with limited space.

    Non-Destructive Excavation

    Our non-destructive digging services in Sydney provide a cost-effective, safe, and environmentally friendly means to successfully excavate around service utilities and ecosystems.

    Directional Drilling Australia is your experienced
    directional boring and drilling contractor!

    Expert Underground Boring Contractors

    Directional Drilling Australia is an expert and professional drilling and boring company in Sydney, providing comprehensive and cost-effective services. Our experienced and qualified professionals have vast knowledge in the drilling industry and can successfully perform related tasks, including non-destructive excavation and stormwater easement. We are licensed and experienced in conducting various drilling operations in Sydney.  

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