Are you seeking assistance to service your existing underground conduits or install a brand-new underground utility? We can help!

At Directional Drilling Australia, we can assist you with any horizontal directional drilling service. We offer a comprehensive and tailored HDD drilling service in Sydney. From supplying equipment to limiting disturbance on the existing underground conduits service or installation, we will provide you with a complete HDD drilling service.

Our horizontal directional drills provide less surface disturbance and cause minimal impact to existing services. Our drilling experts can guide the drills around all existing underground cables, sewers, or conduits to install your brand-new telecommunications cable joint or for complete repairs.

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Directional Drilling in Sydney

Directional Drilling Australia has been performing directional drilling in Sydney for years. We have an extensive range of high-quality drilling equipment and advanced electronic locating resources to determine the suitable drill path for underground drilling. Our expert team plan the suitable route of each path only after extensive service locating and path determination.

The entire drilling process is usually complete in three stages:

  • The first stage involves creating a pilot hole using power drills. Our expert drilling crews are experienced with controlling the direction of the drill head during the entire process to ensure an accurate route of the path is created for bore location.
  • The second stage is where our drilling crew will initiate the bore location process. It involves reaming the hole out based on the required size to install a new underground asset or for service.
  • The third stage involves pulling back the pre-fabricated pipe through the hole.

For directional drilling in Sydney, we can operate drills from 10,000 to 30,000 lb capacity. Our experts can also install pipe and cable for all Utility applications and Enviro remediation processes.

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Our expert team can assist you with horizontal directional drilling service for installing and telecommunication, water, power, and gas lines placement in the underground at a wide range of areas – from roads, driveways, backyards to congested areas. As one of the leading drilling contractors in Sydney, we believe in strengthening the relationship with our broad customer base and completing a diverse spread of projects successfully. We can provide our HDD drilling service for various projects, including installation of pipe, drilling sewer to minimal grades, rail crossings, major road crossings, multi conduit installations. Our expert can also assist you with the installation of product pipes – from steel to polyethylene. We can perform directional drilling in any ground conditions – from the high water table to rock solid.

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Directional Drilling Australia has been performing and providing HDD drilling services in Sydney and NSW areas for years. Our drilling experts have the access to state-of-art drilling equipment with the latest horizontal drilling technology to successfully complete any special projects that require underground drilling assistance and possess high risk. We can achieve our project completion goal through extensive industry knowledge, years of experience, highly advanced systems, and a comprehensive project management structure.

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We are specialist in Horizontal drilling in Sydney and surround.

Horizontal directional drilling is a process where a pilot hole is drilled between two points along a planned route using a guided and steerable drill stem. The installation of a service is then achieved by using the drill string to pull back the service pipe or cable along the route whilst up sizing the hole by reaming if necessary, to the start point of the hole.


Among the major benefits of horizontal directional drilling is the ability to trace the drill head using electronic sensors (SONDE) in the drill head and make changes in the alignment of the bore. Tracking the drill head is achieved with a walkover or downhole location system, in which a crew member tracks the bore from the surface. The battery operated SONDE provides depth, location, direction and angle. After analysing this information the drill operator can make steering corrections to keep the drill head on the correct path and avoid existing buried utilities.

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a highly versatile technique that enables the safe installation of Utilities, it is a technique used for installing infrastructure such as telecommunications and power cable conduits, water lines, sewer lines, gas lines, oil lines, product pipelines, and environmental remediation casings. It is used for crossing waterways, roadways, shore approaches, congested areas, environmentally sensitive areas; often a preferred method because it causes the minimum impact on society, Residential locations benefit greatly from this Trenchless keyhole procedure, Heavy Traffic is a global problem and HDD alleviates congestion.

Environmentally it is the preferred method causing negligible surface disruption and it prevents totally the chance of the production of toxins like sulphuric acid and heavy metal pollution caused by the exposure of potential acid sulphate soils. In some cases it makes it possible to install a utility where it would not be possible by any method, ie where the depth or location of the utility would mean it would be impractical shore or support.

The flexibility of the steerable navigation make it possible to thread a utility through a myriad of crossing utilities surface and subsurface obstacles by a skilled operator. It is used instead of other techniques to provide less traffic disruption, lower cost, deeper, no access pit, shorter completion times, directional capabilities, and environmental safety.

  • Less disruptive to the public as there is no need to close roads as in traditional open cut methods
  • Little to no reinstatement of job site. As there are only two small pilot holes at either end of the drill system, no grass, driveways or consumers are disrupted
  • No removal of trees or vegetation along bore route which is an advantage in environmentally sensitive areas
  • Faster than open cut trenching
  • Ability to work in confined spaces
  • Able to work in most soil conditions including rock, which eliminates the need for often expensive rock breaking machines and also reduces the time spent in completing the job

Horizontal Directional Drilling (or HDD) is a Directional Drilling Australia for the installation of Pipe Conduit and cable that utilizes a drill rig to install product pipe with virtually no excavations being necessary.  The drill rig sets up and launches from the surface and pushes drill pipe into the ground to establish the pathway for the product pipe to be installed.  The location of the drill pipe is monitored through the use of a locating device at the front of the drill head.  Once the operator knows where the drill head is, he then controls what direction the drill head goes in by alternately thrusting and rotating the drill pipe in predetermined directions 12 o’clock for up 6 o’clock for down 3 o’clock for right and 6 o’clock for left to remain on a predetermined path.

Once this pilot bore is done and a path had been established for the installation of the product is achieved by drawing it back in to the hole  the hole may need to be enlarged through a process called reaming.  This process may be done as many times as is necessary to create a hole large enough to pull in the final product pipeline.

Key Benefits

  • Safer construction method no open trench
  • Minimal site restoration is
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Reduced traffic congestion
  • In many cases HDD is cheaper and faster
  • Less disruption to the general public
  • Faster process

SAFETY as the name implies we use Directional Drilling Australia techniques were ever possible as open trenches are responsible for an extremely high % of work injuries our onsite inspection consists of a full assessment of environmental, quality and HSE requirements, before any onsite works commence. We use site specific SWMS .

ECONOMICS Reinstatement costs associated with open trench excavation can be as high as 60% of total budget. Directional drilling needs only a single entry and exit point avoiding costly reinstatement.

ENVIRONMENTAL Because disturbance is kept to a minimum, the impact on the environment is reduced dramatically.

SPEED This method of operation is considerably faster than conventional trenching which means that the job is completed in many instances without people in the area being aware it has been done.

We have established a culture of safety within the company that promotes continuous operational improvements. Formal processes are in place to guide all facets of works.

SOCIAL COSTS The public has an ever-growing awareness of their rights and any effect on their habitat is being contested with ever-increasing vigor. Directional Horizontal Drilling is capable of passing by with little to zero effect on their property or verge.

TRAFFIC FLOW the social cost brought about by large numbers of people sitting for what amounts to hundreds of thousands of man hours in traffic jams has led to regulations to ensure that these disruptions are kept to a minimum which has led to increasing use of Directional Drilling Australia techniques.

SURFACE OBSTACLES As it is possible to drill as deep as 20 meters, surface obstacles Roads, Rivers, Buildings & other Utilities need not be a problem.