In 2006 the Australian Society of Directional Drilling Australia formally recognised ploughing ( or direct burial ) as a Directional Drilling Australia, a number of contractors now recognise the system to have wider application’s and astute informed project owners seek to benefit from the advances in the ploughing technology that can complete the project rapidly and economically.

Since 1993 Directional Drilling Australia have been involved ploughing hundreds of kilometres of cable and pipe both nationally and internationally.  With various size plow’s form 4×4 tractor mounted to dozer and spiderplow. Cost it is generally the cheapest of all sub installation processes  Like any tool ploughing has certain applications it fits and other applications it does not. Do not hesitate to call Us to discus suitability for your next project.

Rock Drilling Services

Our Specialised Cable Laying equipment includes:

  • Optic Fibre Zero Tension Telstra Accredited Dozers with Dual Plough Capabilities
  • Copper Cable Dozers
  • Telstra Accredited Fibre Hauling Winch
  • Trenching Equipment and all associated Equipment e.g. Drum Trailers, Jointing Vans,Crane Truck and Location Equipment etc
  • Vegetation management and mulching equipment

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