Directional Drilling Australia specialises in complex and time-critical rock drilling projects in Sydney, NSW. Our highly skilled rock drilling experts are well aware of the process and ensure timely project completion by using superior quality tools, equipment, and rock drilling machines. Using state-of-art equipment, we ensure accurate and precise horizontal directional rock drilling. You can trust our drilling expert to assist you with your rock drilling projects in Sydney, NSW. Directional Drilling Australia is your trusted rock drilling contractor that can drill through just about anything!

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Directional Drilling Australia is a reputed and most trusted rock drilling company in Sydney, NSW. As one of the leading rock drilling contractors, we offer horizontal directional rock drilling services in Sydney, NSW, for any material and all land types. We use advanced rock drilling machines and equipment to ensure accurate drilling. Our drilling experts are well-versed in understanding which rock formations and the ground condition are suitable for further process. Whether it’s sandstone, granite, limestone, or boulder, we can drill anything and ensure project completion on time and within budget.

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What is Horizontal Directional Rock Drilling?

Rock drilling is one of the common activities performed in the HDD construction industry. The process allows drilling experts to install single or multiple product pipes from one end to another. The term “rock solid” is often used to describe something that stands and stays in one place forever. However, the context of this phrase in terms of horizontal directional drilling is slightly different from the actual one. In fact, it doesn’t relate to the rock drilling project in Sydney at all because of the solid huge underground rocks.

The phrase, however, may depend on various factors, including the type of rock, formation, hardness of the rock, and cavity. It also depends on whether the rock is sandstone, cobalt, granite, limestone, or boulders. These critical aspects contribute to a successful horizontal directional rock drilling project.

When considering our rock drilling services in Sydney, NSW, you don’t have to worry about all these aspects. Our drilling specialists will ensure every detail is covered before starting the project. Have complete peace of mind knowing your rock drilling project is in safe and expert hands.

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When Would You Need Horizontal Directional Rock Drilling?

Horizontal directional rock drilling is often used to bore through solid surface ground that even general directional drilling cannot penetrate. Most common areas requiring horizontal directional rock drilling are under or alongside roadways, trees, and rocky mountain areas. These areas have a solid ground condition, and boring a pipe product from one end to another can be complicated and challenging. Hence, rock drilling is a preferred option in the HDD construction industry for more accurate and timely drilling project completion.

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